Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architectural Design

It is the precision in planning of site elements that reinforces the feasibility of building architectural design and demonstrates the proper use of site features in designing a landscape that is complimentary (but not submissive) to the building’s concept of space and massing. Our landscape architectural and site design professionals design human-scale, visually appealing landscapes that further enhance the way our architecture is perceived and buildings are experienced.

Often referred to as an art discipline of “place-making,” landscape architects today strive to combine aesthetics and technical functionality to create superior outdoor spaces and landscapes. From designing parks, recreation and athletic facilities to developing major system-wide recreation master plans, BBS landscape architects and civil engineers provide visionary solutions that are tailored to the specifics and goals of our clients’ projects.

Site Master Planning

We at BBS create master plans as “road maps”: we clearly communicate to our clients what their site is now, what it should be in the future, and how we get there. While our process for developing master plans differs every time, in our experience, master plans work only when they represent a common vision of the whole community and when they bring together the concerns of different interest groups. We are fully aware that site master planning is a “sensitive” process and that involving the public is essential to the acceptance of the master plan and its proposals.

Such “transparent” process gives our master plans a legitimate base and a better chance of succeeding. While circumstances may vary in each community and every site, the decision to develop a site master plan is often driven by the need to understand the current site’s functioning and its physical conditions, and to generate community’s interest. Once these needs are addressed, we assist with creating a consensus master plan for the site and develop a clear implementation strategy.

System Planning

At BBS we provide parks, recreation and open space system plans that focus on our clients and their communities’ long-range vision for public recreation as well as acquisition and development of open space. Our plans set standards and parameters for future functioning of the whole system where each of the parks, recreation facility and open space are developed, operated and maintained in complementary manner.

Initially as part of our services, we complete a thorough site analysis of existing conditions and inventory of recreation programs and functions at each park, facility and open space within the system. Then, we work closely with our client to prepare conceptual master plans for each of the sites based on our initial findings and provide options for viable (re)development and recreation program alternatives. To maintain the transparency of our system-wide planning process, we include public workshops and gather community input whenever feasible – so constituents are given opportunity to review and “buy-into” the overall system-wide concept and individual site master plans.

Athletic Field Design

No other step in the athletic field development process is as complex as its initial planning and design. This process of bringing an athletic field – whether an artificial or natural surface – to life can be a complicated and demanding process that requires both proper guidance and navigation of an experienced team of professionals. A good design team can make all the difference between a poorly performing facility and a well-thought-out, state-of-the-art “field of dreams.”

We believe that BBS Landscape Architects represent such team of professionals. With an unprecedented experience in developing athletic fields and sport facilities across New York and Connecticut, we assist our clients in navigating the overwhelming process of developing their “field of dreams.” From planning and design phases, budgeting strategies, to construction procedures and material selections, we help you understand, identify and decide on what options best suit your athletic program needs.

Parks + Recreation Design

BBS Landscape Architects bring decades of experience in planning and designing for active and passive recreation. The wide variety of our landscape architectural and site design expertise is exemplified in our government, municipal and public projects which span athletic and sports complexes, community recreational centers, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and aquatic play areas, athletic fields and track events, game courts, playgrounds, golf courses and clubhouses, miniature golf courses, ice and inline hockey rinks and skate parks, downtown/hamlet greens, waterfront projects and marinas, boat launch areas, nature preserves and trail systems, camps and campground facilities, park support and maintenance/operation facilities, streetscape enhancements, monuments, and other parks and recreation elements.

Playground Design

At BBS we channel our “inner child” into design themes and elements which can only be discovered and experienced through play. We design outdoor play areas to be fun yet stimulating to a child’s balanced development. We focus on practical solutions; our designs embrace universal accessibility, and provide for multi-sensory, age-appropriate play experience, develop physical fitness and motor skills, encourage social interaction, and provide for overall play safety and security.

BBS Landscape Architects have a thorough understanding of the planning, design and construction for children’s playgrounds. We have Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSI) on staff, and we are members of ASTM F-08 (Playground Safety Surfacing). We have an excellent understanding of safety procedures and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements as they relate to accessible playground design.