Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a unique collection of individuals spanning from the very technical-minded and academic to the free-flowingly creative, joined together in the pursuit of designing and engineering spaces for people and the built environment around us. We are a personable, approachable company that fosters access and interaction between team members regardless of rank or title.  Our mission says it all.

We strive to remain current, open-minded, efficient, innovative and productive.  We try to maintain order but have not adopted a strict ‘corporate’ model. Our efforts to maintain an atmosphere that you would find in a small, family-owned business has shown its success through our very high employee retention rate.  

Ten percent of our employees have been with us for 25 years or more with nearly one-quarter of our workforce with the firm for 20 years or more.  People can advance as their skills and opportunities allow them to.  We strive to maintain long-term relationships with both the people who work here and with our clients, providing both mentoring and guidance when appropriate. A testament to our unique culture, our employees voted us a Top Workplace on Long Island for 2020!

Newsday - Top Long Island Work Places 2020

We try to do more with less, in an effort to use resources in a thoughtful manner. We are motivated by our love of the built environment, and how it affects people in a positive way.

Our Mission is

To create enduring value by balancing the practical with the extraordinary.

Our Vision is

To do more with less through diligence and respect for the expenditure of resources.  

To create new opportunities through the love and crafting of the built environment.  

To maintain and expand our presence for enduring contribution, adaption, success and longevity for BBS and our clients.

Our Purpose is

To provide a collaborative, inclusive workplace focused on the planning, design and construction of the built environment that translates into positive contributions for our clients and their communities.


We have a flexible structure of interdisciplinary teams that work on projects together and respond to ever-changing dynamics of design challenges in an open environment.

Core Values

Our six core values complement one another as our motivational foundation in the pursuit of excellence, as personified by our six Partners.

Stability.  The state of being stable, reliable and consistent.
Practicality.  The quality or state of being practical rather than purely theoretical.
Diligence.  Careful and persistent work or effort unwavering in intensity and purpose.
Exploration.  Thorough creative analysis of a subject or theme in an adaptive way.
Efficiency.  A measure of the extent to which input is well used for intended output.
Consideration.  Careful thought for people and situations, typically over a period of time.