Briarcliff Manor High School Student Learning Exchange

In 2021, the residents of Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District approved a $26.6 million proposition which addressed major infrastructure needs district-wide as well as important 21st century updates to educational spaces at Briarcliff High School. The infrastructure and learning environment improvements were the most significant improvements for the district in over 20 years. These upgrades ensured that the district school buildings were structurally sound, safe, energy efficient, more accessible to people with disabilities, and designed for 21st century teaching and learning practices.

Comprising over 2/3 of the bond construction cost, facility infrastructure improvements included new roofs at all buildings to address current leaks, exterior masonry and window repairs, updates to HVAC systems and mechanical rooftop units and interior exhausts, improvements to current plumbing and electrical, ADA compliance updates, and the creation of a Student Learning Exchange at Briarcliff High School – a collaborative learning space created in the High School Library / Maresca Center.

The Student Learning Exchange reimagined the High School student experience by transforming the original library and Maresca Center into an open-concept 21st Century Learning Space. The Student Learning Exchange features flexible seating solutions and moveable walls to foster a collaborative environment between students and faculty, while also featuring breakout spaces for more traditional models of instruction. Creation of the Student Learning Exchange consisted of multiple construction projects, including the renovation of the old library, renovation of the old Maresca Center, elimination of the dividing corridor, inclusion of an amphitheater element in the open concept; combination and/or incorporation of multiple perimeter rooms, offices and hallways, and entry way; and “clearing” access to the existing Cafeteria. The Student Learning Exchange ultimately facilitated Briarcliff Manor remaining a state-of-the-art facility for current and future generations of students.