Catskill Middle School Gymnasium + Athletic Fields

On February 12, 2019, Catskill Central School District residents approved the District’s Capital Improvement Project. The project enhanced the school facilities for 21st century learning and addressed health, safety, and infrastructure needs throughout the Catskill school district. With a total of $40,795,000, it brought much-needed improvements to the District’s buildings, academic programs, classrooms, security controls, roadways, parking lots, and athletic fields.

Phase 1 of the project included construction of a new gymnasium addition at the Catskill Middle School and renovations to the District’s track and upper athletic fields. Also included was the construction of a new parent drop-off/pick-up loop behind Catskill Elementary School. Although the start date for the project was postponed due to the COVID-19 health crisis, the work of Phase 1 was wrapped up in the Fall of 2021, with additional district-wide building and site improvements taking place over the Summer of 2022.

This 2019 Capital Improvement Project was developed by gathering input from various stakeholders, including staff, students and community members, as well as through a thorough Building Condition Survey the District completed with BBS’s assistance in 2017. Specifically, the input from stakeholders played a crucial role in creating a shared vision for District facilities and to define the overall project scope. Funding wise, New York State Building Aid reimbursed the District for the majority of the costs, with the balance covered locally through the District’s Capital Reserve Fund, and by issuing new bonds.