Christ the King RC Church Campus

Due to safety concerns throughout its parking areas, the Christ the King RC Parish representatives approached BBS to assist in developing a plan to make the existing Church front parking area, back lot, and adjacent grounds safer and more secure without compromising the convenience of their current layout, accessibility, and capacity.

A centerpiece of the plan, the meditative walk at the center island of the front parking lot provides an immersive spiritual experience. It features a paved “Prayer Path” located under a dense canopy of flowering trees leading towards the Statue of the Christ the King, while calming the traffic flows throughout the parking area and re-directing them to the site entrance. Lined by (7) flowering trees on either side, the Path was designed in such a way that it can serve to host outdoor Stations of the Cross with seating in the future, should the Parish decide to add these later.

The proposed site project at Indian Head Rd. aims to make the existing church grounds more safe and secure by way of re-designing the existing parking lots and adjacent grounds. With clear delineation of traffic paths, the extension of curb islands, clear (raised) crosswalks, new LED lighting, ADA signs and pavement markings, site directional signage matching the church signs, new ornamental plants and vegetation, as well as a low wooden fence border around the property this proposal represents a sensitive approach to addressing the current undesirable conditions at the Christ the King RC Church campus.

Project Facts