Garden City High School

This project was financed through a $36.5-million construction bond issue approved by local voters in October 2009. BBS served as the architect, interior designer, civil engineer and MEP engineer. It included construction of a new 10,350-SF music wing, site and roadways improvements, replacement of the roof on the entire school building, construction of new bleachers at the athletic field and 20,000 SF of interior renovations and re-programming to the pre-existing building.

The music wing is adjacent to the original school building at the location of the old music rooms, which were converted into general classrooms. The interior renovations included reorganization of the entire school’s layout. The architects consolidated the faculty and service staff’s offices and the departments within the school, which increased space efficiency and convenience for the students. The new, one-story addition houses a 2,500- SF band room, a 2,000-SF chorus room, a 2,000-SF orchestra room, a 350- square-feet practice room, a music teachers’ office, a hallway and utility closets.

The renovated interiors feature a convenient and efficient layout, which has improved circulation within the school. The new interiors feature centralized math, world language, English, social studies, athletics and special education department areas. The Guidance Suite underwent a complete reconstruction, which centralized all services in a single location and provided additional space for a College & Careers center. The renovation improved the small-group special instruction areas, including speech, reading, testing and general instruction classrooms. Offices for the nurse, school psychologist and social worker were also renovated.

Project Facts