Herricks High School Auditorium Renovation

The goal of this interior renovation project is to transform the current Herricks High School Auditorium into one that can be seen as a 21st-century auditorium. Changes proposed by the interior design team included completely new flooring, seating, stage curtains and ADA accessibility improvements throughout the space. Also treated were the proscenium, side walls, and the existing stage entry corridor, among other things. Ultimately, (2) rows of seating in the middle of the auditorium were removed while (1) new row was added to the left and right aisles. This re-design created more floor space, potentially for an orchestra or other acts to perform in front of the stage.

Reconstruction of the Herricks High School Auditorium commenced in early Summer of 2022. With the ceiling/lighting project completed in the Auditorium earlier that year, the district was “ahead of the curve” and avoided what is typically the longest and most difficult part of any auditorium reconstruction – working on the ceiling, including electrical systems, lighting, A/V equipment, plumbing and fire protection systems, etc.).