Holy Trinity Diocesan High School Library Modernization

One of the priority projects for the Diocese of Rockville Centre Education Department in 2019, the modernization of the original 4,900-sf library at Holy Trinity Diocesan High School focused entirely on supporting new methods of educational program delivery while maximizing future flexibility. To allow for personalized, blended and traditional learning, BBS interior designers completely re-imagined the 1966 library layout and transformed it into a modern learning and media commons.

The original library featured traditional book collection and stationary floor plan that emphasized individual study and conventional means of learning, but the space was not suitable for group work or classes. The interior modernization firmly re-purposed the original underutilized space and created a brand-new collaboration media center and a social hub at a prominent location between the main circulation spine of the building and the exterior school courtyard.

The media center is now a learning destination and meet-up spot for all Holy Trinity students – it allows for individual work as well as multi-class teaching, can accommodate groups of various sizes. Located along the perimeter, the main space also provides informal areas to socialize in a semi-private setting, while maintaining visual connection with the rest of the library. A large open space, it features glazed walls, flexible furniture, screen-sharing technology, and multiple breakout areas. The room section at the southern end supports large-group instruction in a more typical “lecture” setting, while mobile lounges and pods in the center of the library – with a variety of furniture configurations available – allow for multiple groups and individuals to use the space simultaneously.

This project transformed underutilized library into a modern educational resource that supports the overall vision of the Diocese of Rockville Centre and Holy Trinity Diocesan High School for a 21st-century learning environment.

Project Facts