James W. Young Middle School Library + Media Center

As part of the school district’s approval of a $29.9 million project in 2015, BBS was tasked with completely reimagining the existing library space at the James W. Young Middle School in Bayport NY. Situated on the second floor in the immediate vicinity of a frequently used auditorium, the main focus of the interior design for the 4,600-sq.ft. library space was on the principles of 21st century learning and on providing environments that would channel these principles and facilitate students’ interaction, collaboration and communication.

Used selectively in well-defined locations, various building materials and textures scale down the expansive volume of the library space, and define the “study zones” within, while directing visitors’ footsteps through the elongated, irregular geometry of the room. Variety of seating, furniture and casework solutions within each zone offer flexibility for quickly changing study group sizes and learning styles from casual to more structured. The curving and circular designs of the stationary furniture and Information Desk are reflected in the ceiling features overhead.

Along the library’s perimeter wall, semi-open office-style cubicles accommodate individual “quiet” study and small groups. On the other hand, the large group area / Meeting Room is an enclosed collaborative work zone equipped with a floor-to-ceiling write-able walls, full presentation capabilities, and latest technology/connections, and a small kitchenette. Seamlessly integrated into the main library volume, a brand-new 700-sq.ft. computer lab with (26) “all-in-one” stations overtook what had been an underutilized classroom area. Adjacent to the lab, a new Social Collaborative Zone provides an area for more traditional classroom-style learning.

Centrally located opposite of the Information Desk and office, a semi-circular Flexible Group Work Zone provides an ultimate “collaboration hub” for project-specific tasks, student group gatherings, or just casual study. It features a small presentation area situated against a glazed corridor wall with connections for a portable smart board, streaming devices/TVs, charging portals, etc. Same technology connections are strategically available throughout the main library room.

Opened in September 2018, the new state-of-the-art James W. Young Middle School Library and Media Center provides an environment and latest digital tools that allow students of the Bayport-Blue Point school district to chose the type of work space and the style of learning that best suit their individual needs.

Project Facts