Lindenhurst Memorial Library

In October of 2019, a $9.4 million bond to update and expand Lindenhurst Memorial Library was given the green light by local voters. The approval by the community was a successful culmination of an extensive planning effort by the Library and BBS, as it represented the second major capital project proposal put forth in the past two years.

The previous unsuccessful proposal of 2017 was for $14.5 million, with residents criticizing both the cost and scale of work planned. On the contrary, the new plan conceived by BBS, cut back on the physical expansion of the library building, adding only 3,000 square feet, versus the 10,000 square feet in the 2017 proposal. The plan would also repurpose some of the existing spaces and rearrange existing programs to provide more room.

Some of the new features for the Lindenhurst Memorial Library project included solar roof panels; a 525-SF quiet study room on the Main Floor; re-configured parking lot with additional spots created and a safer entrance and exit pattern; a new 1,700-SF multi-purpose area on the Main Floor for adult program use during the morning hours and a switch in the afternoon to accommodate the Library’s teen population; (3) new community meeting rooms, including a Technology Learning Lab; sustainable building elements such as smart lighting systems, Energy-Star rated equipment, energy efficient new windows in the lower courtyard area, and other sustainable design features; new solar lights in the “green” parking lot and electric vehicle charging stations in the main lot; new office space for Library Administration; fully renovated library interior spaces offering additional comfortable seating arrangements; a new public computer area; and a better work flows within the existing Library.

With the new plan, BBS also focused on universal accessibility, making the existing Library spaces, bathrooms, and elevator ADA-compliant, as well as on life safety throughout the building with the installation of a fire sprinkler system and improved security lighting. The capital project broke ground in July 2021; it represents a first major renovation and spatial upgrade to the building ever since the Library’s original construction in 1969.