Long Island University | Bush-Brown Hall Extension


With Phase I interior renovations within the existing historic structure complete, LIU is now focused on Phase II of the project, which is slated to provide an additional 12,000 square feet of incubator space to Bush-Brown Hall. The University has received $500,000 in funding through the state’s Regional Economic Development Council program for the Phase II, with Schematic Design completed in the early Fall 2017.

In addition to providing design and construction services for Phase I improvements, BBS was also retained by the University to design the Phase II encompassing a new, 2-story structure to be part of the LIU’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park, and to be occupied by business ventures, as well as student owned/managed business enterprises. The new 12,000-square-foot building will be situated west of Bush Brown Hall and informally “attached” by means of an open, landscaped courtyard with a water feature. It will be completely independent of Bush Brown Hall, including new HVAC systems, power, water, waste water, full emergency power system, and fire alarm and fire suppression systems. It will also have a state-of-the-art Information Technology capabilities and communication services. A new parking lot was designed to accommodate the new building.