North Shore High School Stadium + Athletic Facilities

The new 100,000-square-foot sports complex replaced and expanded the original deteriorated athletic facilities which were insufficient for the needs of the district’s 2,850 students. The new complex includes a multi-use, synthetic turf field; an 8-lane running track; and a 1,700-square-foot concession, bathroom and storage building. The stadium also includes a new, one-story, multi-purpose building that serves as the main entry port to the athletic facilities – the building consists of two structures connected by a pitched steel-truss roof with the entryway between the buildings protected by a decorative iron-wrought gate. The entire athletic stadium is protected by a new security system.

The creative financing for the project included a combination sources including the district, private, not-for-profit and other public funding. The design and construction of the new field and track were financed through funds raised by the Viking Foundation, the district’s capital reserve, a budgetary appropriation and a grant provided by New York State. The Viking Foundation developed a fundraising program to replenish $1.5 million of the $3.1 million provided to the project from the district’s capital reserve. The remainder of the funds came from the budgetary appropriation and a grant from New York State.

This public/private combination of funding sources was unusual for a school-related construction project, but made financing easier at the time when local property tax increases in New York State are capped at 2.0%. The support of the Viking Foundation allowed the district to utilize funds raised through direct taxation and maintain the necessary level of athletic program activities, while still making the construction of the new field stadium possible.

Project Facts