South Side High School

District residents approved the Rockville Centre’s $45.9 million school improvement bond issue on March 19, 2013.Nearly 60 percent of the residents who came out to vote approved the measure. BBS was the architect, interior designer, site designer, and MEP engineer and technology designer for the renovation and new construction projects included in the program.

Prior to developing the architectural designs for the projects included in the program, BBS performed a thorough review of the existing facilities, analyzed the demographic data and trends, assessed the cost of various alternatives, and gathered input from the district’s personnel and the local community. Based on this research, BBS developed the capital program that was divided into three (3) distinctive areas.These included: 1) spatial needs, which encompassed necessary additional classrooms, administrative offices and other facilities; 2) facility needs, which included the required maintenance and capital improvements to existing facilities and infrastructure; and 3) the site work, which consisted of new High School artificial-turf field stadium, practice sports fields, playgrounds, pick-up and drop-off traffic loops, driveways, and new parking areas.

The projects included the construction of two (2) new additions at South Side High School and an addition to Watson Elementary School, as well as numerous renovations throughout the district. The bond also financed the roof replacement and maintenance work, masonry reconstructions district-wide, building code upgrades, floor repairs, band and chorus room renovations, installation of security cameras, a boiler replacement, and other necessary building system work.

At South Side High School, the largest portion of the bond issue scope, the completed south addition holds modernized science labs, a spacious Commons Room, available for use by both students and staff, a new science research room, a greenhouse, additional bathrooms and a state-of-the-art Library which provides similar atmosphere to what might be found on a college campus. The Library features desktop computer stations for research and dedicated spaces for students to work both individually and collaboratively. In the main High School building, the kitchen was remodeled and outfitted with new
appliances, while the cafeteria was rejuvenated with modern grey wall tiles and new red chairs. The updated cafeteria was also expanded to almost double its capacity while allowing students ample room to use during their free time.

Project Facts


  • 2017 Outstanding Project Award, Learning By Design.