Stony Brook University Roosevelt Quad Façade Systems

This project at Stony Brook University’s Roosevelt Quad addressed concrete and masonry façade deterioration at Greeley, Wagner, Stimson, and Keller College buildings, collectively known as the Roosevelt Quad complex. As an architectural consultant, BBS is currently performing the “architectural” and “construction administration” phases of the scope, based upon the University’s 2018 Property Condition Assessment Report.

The architectural design portion of the work is predominantly related to masonry and architectural features of the building façades which consists of providing appropriate technical detailing for roofing, railings, window sills, flashing, and related building elements. The structural portion of the scope consists of concrete reconstruction, rebar, and masonry reconstruction and is performed by the structural engineering prime consultant. All the plans, details, and elevations are being incorporated onto the construction drawings, including individual specification sections relative to the architectural scope. BBS serves as the consultant team’s liaison with the University on this multi-facility assignment, and as a main point-of-contact, entailing all daily communications, work coordination, and attendance at design-phase on-site meetings.

According to the 2018 report, poor workmanship during original construction could be blamed for up to 80% of all observed deteriorations and system failures in the (4) buildings, namely by insufficient concrete cover of the reinforcement which is prevalent at all concrete elements of the buildings’ façades and exterior stairs. Another construction mistake could be blamed for causing damage to almost 50% of all precast window sills – the stone elements were incorrectly anchored to the buildings with mechanical expansion anchors resulting in cracking of the stones. Based on our initial field observations, other architectural elements of the façades displayed various types of other structural deteriorations, such as bulging of face brick, open mortar joints, and deteriorated, open expansion joints. Several elements of roof parapet cap flashing were missing or damaged.

Our construction phase duties include standard Construction Administration services, such as bi-weekly site construction observations and conducting construction meetings based upon a four-year construction cycle of (8) months each.

Project Facts