Suffolk County Highway Maintenance and Salt Storage Facilities

The Suffolk County Department of Public Works (SCDPW) owns and operates several highway maintenance/storage facilities that serve as local access points for obtaining and dispersing road salt mixture for road conditioning in the winter months throughout the County. SCDPW retained BBS to evaluate and replace two (2) of these facilities, in Centereach and in Yaphank.

Salt Storage and Maintenance/Administration Building, Centereach – Based on the initial assessment by the project team, the original single-story building, which combined the office/personnel and salt storage functions, was found to be inadequate and well beyond its useful life. In conjunction with DPW personnel, BBS proposed its complete demolition and full replacement with (2) new buildings – a wood, pre-engineered salt storage structure with a footprint of approximately 4,550 sq. ft., and a  new 1,840-sq.ft., CMU-construction Office & Personnel Building, which was ultimately combined with a small Vehicle Storage area. The design work included a provision for new foundations and footings for both structures, the re-design of site circulation and entry/exit (including several material loading concepts), structural design for both structures, and all necessary MEP design work. Original utility connections were re-used in the new facilities where feasible, including electric, water, and data. A small fueling station with an underground storage tank was designed (by others) at the entry point on Nicolls Road.