The Center at Brentwood – Learning, Workforce Training + Business Center

Currently in the pre-construction stages of Phase 1, the Center at Brentwood project is a unique, community-centered endeavor by Suffolk County and various local, federal and international agencies. Its goal is to reduce local youth exposure to risk and to facilitate access to economically empowering work and educational advancement. The Center’s model will significantly expand and improve County employment and youth workforce programs while creating a networked space for public-private partnerships.

At the Center, the community can encounter, prepare for, and access numerous opportunities through: 1) Recreation that enhances academic performance and cultivates employability skills, 2) Workforce programs that enhance individual economic opportunity and regional growth capacity through job training, 3) Social enterprise and entrepreneurship, and 4) Support Services that address barriers to mobility.

The Center will embody and support a long-term strategy of economic transformation for Brentwood and Suffolk County. Programming will leverage the Center to increase awareness of opportunities in manufacturing, off-shore wind, and other skilled trades, positioning the Center as a nexus of collaboration between local government, community-based organizations, workforce training providers, private employers, and unions.

The Center’s programs will directly link training to employer specifications and market demand, and will connect youth to high demand occupations for local industry, including offshore wind. This will help to advance the project objective of supporting local youth, growing local business, decreasing unemployment, and investing in the long-term vitality of the Suffolk County’s economy.