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Vernon Elementary Additions & Alterations Are Underway

East Norwich, NY – Construction is underway at the Oyster Bay-East Norwich School District’s James H. Vernon Elementary, where multiple enhancements are currently taking shape. The focal point of the 2021 Bond scope at the Vernon School is the new addition of a Music Wing including the new Band Room, Orchestra Room, instrument storage, and general music classroom. The new work is in addition to renovations of the existing music rooms, aimed at providing state-of-the-art facilities for the school music curriculum. Simultaneously, the upgrades of the Butler Building are in progress, ensuring that other areas of the school are modernized and optimized for learning. The Cafeteria is undergoing renovations as well to create a more inviting and functional space for students and staff. Additionally, new Ground Storage is being developed to enhance the B&G Department’s site capacity and efficiency.

Furthermore, several Building Condition Survey scope items are in motion to bolster the overall security and technological infrastructure of the facility, including new safety glass partitions in Main Office, upgrading all interior door hardware, and installing a new natural-gas leak detection system.

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