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Northeastern Clinton HS Swimming Pool Renovation

Champlain, NY РThe Northeastern Clinton High School swimming pool renovation project (Phase 2 of the Capital Project) is currently underway, encompassing a comprehensive overhaul of the swimming pool facility. Planned and designed by BBS Albany, the renovation includes the installation of a new liner, deck gutter with perimeter drainage, aligning with updated code requirements to provide proper separation of pool water from the deck. Additionally, the project involves the complete renovation of the deck and pool areas including new tilework, pool ladders, diving boards, and signage to enhance safety and functionality. Lighting improvements and suspended ceiling replacement aim to create a modern, well-lit, and aesthetically pleasing overhead space. The MEP / ventilation system is being upgraded to meet current standards, and special attention is being given to the pool equipment and drainage in the adjacent filtration room, which previously experienced flooding from the outside. The comprehensive renovation will ensure that the pool facility not only meets but exceeds contemporary standards for safety, efficiency, and overall excellence.

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