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Pool Expansion at West Islip High School

West Islip, NY – The West Islip High School indoor pool expansion proposal represents a significant leap forward in enhancing the aquatic facilities at the West Islip area. The existing pool is the district’s most utilized facility – it is used by students in P.E. classes, student athletes, the West Islip Fire Department scuba team, individuals pursuing lifeguard training, and those residents enrolled in weekend swim instruction.

With a vision to cater to the evolving needs of the school and local community, the project focuses on expanding the existing 5-lane swimming pool into a more versatile and modern 6-lane facility. Expanding to six-lanes would allow the high school and middle school swim teams to host 3 vs. 3 competition swim meets, as opposed to the current limit of 2 vs. 2. It would also allow the school to host tournament-style events with multiple participating swim teams, as well as the swim and diving teams to safely practice simultaneously in the pool.

The first phase of the project will delve into structural expansion of the existing building, where the pool structure undergoes a meticulous evaluation process. The goal is to ensure that the pool can physically accommodate the addition of a new lane while keeping the pool’s structural integrity intact, with only necessary reinforcements or modifications provided.

Simultaneously, the project will introduce critical upgrades to the pool’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Mechanical systems will be upgraded to efficiently handle the expanded pool size, with a keen focus on optimizing energy use. An upgraded HVAC system would ensure comfortable humidity levels and air quality in the entire aquatic center and adjacent areas. Electrical enhancements will ensure a well-lit and power-efficient facility, while plumbing systems will be redesigned to accommodate the increased water flow and drainage requirements.

Throughout the entire project, close collaboration with school administrators, faculty, students, and community representatives will remain a priority for BBS, ensuring that the final result aligns seamlessly with the needs and expectations of ALL stakeholders.

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