Philip J. Handler

Philip J. Handler

NCARB, Project Manager

Phil began his career in architecture as a young student at New York Institute of Technology. One of his professors, and then-owner of BBS, noticed that Phil excelled in all design disciplines and had exceptional project development skills and technical acumen; so, he invited Phil to intern at BBS. The rest is history.

After receiving his Bachelor of Architecture degree in 2009, Phil went on to build his career at BBS where he sharpened his design and project management skills. As a Project Manager and one of the firm’s most promising young talents, Phil possesses remarkable problem-solving and decision-making abilities. Over the years, he has mastered the latest computer software platforms, and shares his knowledge as a mentor with all new and existing BBS employees.

In addition to his countless office responsibilities, Phil has been organizing various team-building events and after-five activities, including the BBS beach volleyball team, softball team, and most recently, the annual BBS Cornhole Invitational. He is also a certified drone pilot and enjoys photo-documenting BBS projects during different phases of design and construction.

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